SIC was founded in Gulf area 2014 in Kuwait and Qatar specializing in developing and operating
industrial projects, today we have our leading Factories for PET preform injection in the Gulf
Market plus our own Packing machineray brand and providing different industrial solutions and
serrvecies with always our main principle of INNOVATIVE EXCELLENCE. Now we are establishing
SIC MISR, our first solid step in the business of bottle to bottle high grade, FDA approved rPET
production in Sokhna, Egypt, targeting European and middle east different markets.

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The different areas of design include web graphic design.



The different areas of web design include web graphic design.



The different areas of web design include web graphic design.



The different areas of web design include web graphic design.

is SIC MISR plastics recycling project in Suez Canal Economic Zone , SOKHNA, EGYPT.
3 phases project ends in 2024 for production of various recycled polyethylene and polyolefines on a total production area of 48000 meter square with an investment of 135 million USD .
First phase is the repearl’s factory on land area of 14000 meter square with an investment of 35 million USD starting production in the first quarter of 2020





The recent outbreak of “covid-19” has posed a threat to the safety
and health of human populations all over the world. Yet simple and
proactive measures, such as wearing a high quality medical
mask in public, can drastically lower the chances of infection.
We, at SIC, have made it a mission to create products that serves
this purpose. (O²)is not just any mask. It is made with the highest
specifications and conformity to adhere and comply with the
global quality standards.

Plan Strategy

Plan Strategy

To leverage the diverse opportunities of our complex world, a company needs a clear direction, a strong
internal setup, and people who follow the set course and turn plans and ideas into reality. And that’s exactly what
our strategy does: it includes a sharper customer and business focus and streamlined governance.



The plastics industry in Egypt is growing steadily a with over 2.1 million tons) followed by South Africa (with just under 1.5 million tons). There are substantial opportunities for foreign manufacturers to start or expand their business in Egypt. With its 91+ million population, Egypt is the largest polymer market in Africa accounting for over 20% of demand in 2016. Its polymer consumption is estimated at 2 million tones with per capita consumption of 21.8 kg/head. The Egyptian Industries (FEI) stated that the total market volume of plastics in Egypt is US $ 4.03 bn and total investments are reaching about US $ 4 bn.

Egypt consumed plastic materials and resins worth nearly US$1.6 billion in 2016. Demand is growing at 7.4% annually and the polymer demand is expected to reach 2.83 million tons by 2021 thanks to the growing population demand and the increasing number of newly established projects and mega plants such as SIDPEC, ETHYDCO, EPC, EIPET, E-Styrenics, TCI Sanmar Chemicals, OPC, Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation and EPPC. Egypt has as well a large pipe and cable extrusion industry accounting for almost 30% of plastics needs. Packaging accounts for a further 43% of polymer demand. In addition, Egypt automotive industry is the fourth largest in Africa accounting for 15% of the plastics needs.

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